Our less-waste vacuum packs are the result of a little bit of innovation – and a whole lot of listening. As a family-owned business, we take pride in being close to our customers and responding quickly to their needs. Our innovative pouches are more environmentally sound AND improve your profits by reducing packaging waste.

Pickle chips

6.6% more

Banana pepper slices

22.3% more

Jalapeno pepper slices

15% more

They look like any pickles or peppers. But they’re not.

These lightweight, space-saving vacuum packs have fewer of those pesky stems and caps – 80% less than our competitors’.

  • You’ll spend less time sorting through pickles and peppers to pick out what you don’t want and more time working with what you do.
  • Our pouches have less juice. You’ll be buying more product – 6.6% more pickles, 22.3% more banana peppers, and 15% more jalapenos – because we’ve squeezed more of each into every vacuum pack.
  • You get more for your money. Between improved food preparation productivity and more product per pouch, the savings will quickly add up.