About Us

Most people outside of Saginaw, Michigan have never heard of Hausbeck Pickles & Peppers. But chances are you’ve eaten our products at one of the nation’s popular quick service restaurant chains.


nearly 100 years of Hausbeck family leadership


dedicated team members we consider extended family


square foot plant featuring industry’s most sophisticated inventory control and defect detection technology


tanks in our sprawling brine tank yard, each holding 50,000 pounds of cucumbers

40 million

pounds of cucumbers processed annually

32 million

pounds of banana peppers and jalapeños processed annually


semi trucks full of product leave the plant weekly to points around the nation


certified and dedicated to food safety from top to bottom

Our Story

How pickles and peppers become tasty additions to sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, salads, or tacos is just part of the Hausbeck story. We help shape many of the nation’s leading QSR brands by delivering innovation from farm to table.

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Our History

The billions of pickles and peppers we produce today are a far cry from our humble beginnings nearly 100 years ago when our grandparents, Charles and Rose Hausbeck, founded the company.

Our Culture

We believe our commitment to a higher purpose best serves all our stakeholders, including our customers. We call it E3. Our purpose is to ELEVATE our team members, ENERGIZE our community, and ENHANCE our environment.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to produce & deliver the highest quality food products with enthusiasm & integrity while striving for win-win partnerships with our customers & suppliers. Our vision is to share the FUN, FLAVOR & FREEDOM of our food products with everyone, making the world a tastier place.


Hausbeck’s innovations in smart manufacturing and investments in hometown Saginaw, Michigan, have earned the company plenty of awards. Big or small, these awards recognize the hard work of our proud Hausbeck team and its dedication to being a great partner to our customers.

Hausbeck Pickles and Peppers Awards


Timeline of Progress


Our grandparents Charles E. and Rose Hausbeck founded the company at 3444 East St. in Saginaw, Michigan. The company starts by turning the region’s local cucumber crop into pickles and then packing them into jars and barrels and delivering them to grocers throughout the state.


Charles dies of heart disease at age 44. Rose takes over the business while raising her young children. Her boys, who were the main workforce in the family business, eventually leave to serve in World War 2 or the Korean War. Fortunately, they all return safely and come back to support her and help grow the business…but at a very conservative pace.


Rose hands over the reins to four of her sons, with John serving as president. Under his leadership, brothers, sisters and cousins work at the company — and the second generation continues much as the first, focusing on retail products.


John’s son Joe returns to Saginaw after earning his bachelor’s degree in food science from Michigan State University. Joe brings with him new processes emerging in the industry that greatly improve quality and yield for fermenting cucumbers. He is instrumental in incorporating an important step into the fermentation process at Hausbeck that significantly minimizes defects.

Hausbeck’s ability to provide even higher quality pickles helps the company start growing.


With the nationwide fast-food market growing by at least 30-40%, Hausbeck lands its first fast-food contract with Burger King — a game changer for the company. For 20 years, Hausbeck’s growth follows that of Burger King.


Tim Hausbeck, John’s son and Joe’s brother, comes back to Saginaw to support the business after two uncles — Gerald and Pat — retire, bringing a finance background with him. With Burger King as the company’s biggest customer, Hausbeck decides to focus less on the retail market and seek more business with quick service restaurant chains.


Hausbeck lands Subway as a customer and begins producing banana peppers and jalapeño peppers as well. Today, peppers represent half the company’s business.


Land locked at its original location, Hausbeck begins looking for new property to expand its physical plant. Determined to stay in hometown Saginaw, Hausbeck finds an existing building with almost four city blocks of expansion room on Hess Street. Not long after, Uncle Richard retires.


Charles’ grandsons — Tim as president, Joe as vice president — now lead the enterprise with its 100+ employees, 80,000-square-foot plant, sprawling tank yard that holds 50 million pounds of cucumbers, and billions of pickles and peppers produced with tender loving care.

An 80,000-square-foot warehouse addition, including refrigerated storage, was completed in the spring of 2020.

Die-hard pickle fans can still buy the original retail line of pickles and relishes exclusively at Jack’s Fruit Markets throughout Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region.